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Krell - A benchmark returns.

It is with pride that Lydspecialisten can welcome you back to Krell. A benchmark that for years has been the one against which everyone else has measured themselves.

Krell's history has left a strong mark in the High-End segment right from their infancy. With a heavy and uncompromising build quality, Krell was for most an unattainable boyhood dream, and yet the Krell KSA 50/100 is among the best-selling amplifiers of all time. This is not accidental.

Krell's development

Throughout the eighties and nineties, Krell and arch-rival Mark Levinson were strongly manifested in the consciousness of most Hi-Fi enthusiasts, as being the absolute best from the USA. Dan D. Augostino, who founded Krell, was from the start strongly focused on certain design principles - including the use of Class A amplifiers. Throughout time, this has been one of Krell's most distinctive characteristics, and luckily it has not been changed in their latest products.

Our favorite amplifier

Our favorite amplifier from Krell is their K300 I, which is their take on an "all in one" integrated amplifier in the absolute best class. With a fresh new design and a build quality from when father was a boy, the tiled stove has been put in place for the competitors.

Krell K300 I offers 90w in pure Class A, 150w in 8 ohms and 300w in 4 ohms. A solid 750W power supply, a reference-leading DAC with the highly acclaimed Saber 9028 pro chips, full decoding of MQA files (PCM 24/192khz), Cirrus logic cs 3318 volume control, full balancing and an incredibly accurate sound quality at all volumes. The entire construction testifies to the extent that Krell is seriously back. Most important of all, however, is the sound, because what good is classy technique and fine words on the road if it doesn't translate into absolutely fantastic sound quality?

How do the new Krell amplifiers play?

Our opinion about these new American High-End amplifiers is clear - Krell is and will be BIG sound. However, the new products have something that previous Krell amplifiers did not have to the same degree - namely a particularly transparent, vibrating and musical reproduction that can be compared to very good pipe equipment.

Krell has kept the old traditions alive, because they deliver a big and muscular sound with juice and power, which is now matched with all the Hi-Fi virtues that we enthusiasts love to put into words. Details, air, sense of space and everything we can think of. To that extent, the new Krell has everything that can be expected when an old "mastodon" really returns.

There is no doubt that the new amplifiers from Krell have a very high class. They have got an incredibly good handle on digital technology, and this is clearly heard on their new DAC and streamers, which can compete with much more expensive alternatives. The new digital products from Krell are at full height with the performance of their new amplifiers. Here we are talking about heavenly sound.

As you know, quality costs money, and so do the new products from Krell. It's just rare that you get as much for your money as is the case with Krell. Here it is clear that Krell aims to give the competitors a round of sonic itch.

At Lydspecialisten, we have all the new Krell products in the store, and we would like to invite you to a listening experience in a special class. We have no doubts. THE KING IS BACK.