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About the Sound Specialist

Innovative and leading Hi-Fi store

Are you looking for the best?

At Lydspecialisten, we offer you a large selection of the world's leading manufacturers and the industry's most knowledgeable service. We always start from your needs and wishes, so that together we can tailor the right solution for you. A combination that to date has meant that people from all over the world trust our products and guidance.

EST. 1992

Our history

Lydspecialisten is a specialist shop for good sound in Aalborg. We were founded in 1992, and we have always made a virtue of trading the best products in Hi-fi. In other words, we believe in the products we sell and we take pride in having the best products available to our customers.

We supply high-end stereo systems, and if the need is for something very special, make an appointment with one of our specialists and we will sit down and tailor a solution that suits your needs.

We choose our products based on criteria such as quality, performance, longevity and design. These parameters are essential in the Hi-fi world, and we also believe that the reason for our continued success must be found, among other things, in our sharp and perhaps cynical way of sorting.

We believe that the strongest products survive and this is also reflected in our range, which does not have room for fusions and other funny fish. Our promise to you is therefore that you will always receive honest, professional and competent advice from us, which will lift your sound to new heights.

We create

Listening experiences and happy customers

When we guide you in the purchase of Hi-Fi, we work from the entirety of your system, so you are assured that your purchase creates the desired result.

In addition to being strong in choosing the right products, we have countless pieces of advice that can improve your sound. Quite clean and free. This makes us a unique choice that will make you happy and satisfied.

Trusted by +40,000 music lovers

"In my opinion, they probably provide Denmark's best service and are the most competent Hi-Fi dealer in Denmark."

Claus Fischer, Trustpilot

"Have shopped for audio equipment there for over 10 years and have always been satisfied. Good service both in relation to sales but also complaints."

Martin C. Jørgensen, Trustpilot

"In my opinion, Lydspecialisten is where you go if you want to collect good experiences."

Cuno SB Mouritsen, Trustpilot

"Here is one of the country's last real Hi-Fi stores. Good service, highly competent and committed employees."

Ulrik Kuntz, Trustpilot

"Once again sublime service and treatment at Lydspecialisten, it doesn't get any better."

Erik Sørensen, Trustpilot

Your advantages

Sublime conditions

Best sound for the price

Our goal is to give you the best possible sound for your hard earned money. That is why we have chosen to negotiate only the best products on the market, so you never have to fear that you could have gotten more for your money.

30 day buy & try

At Lydspecialisten, we believe that shopping for Hi-Fi should be safe and easy. You can therefore test all our products at home for 30 days with full right of return. Then you have time to assess whether the product is right for you. However, some exceptions apply.

30 day price match

With us you can shop with peace of mind. We offer a 30-day price match on the prices of our Danish competitors. If you find the item cheaper within this period, you get the price difference back. There is nothing worse than seeing that your item could have been bought cheaper.

Our price match also applies if you have found the product cheaper at a competitor at the time of purchase. Read everything about our price match policy here .

Tailor-made solutions

Our advice is always based on your needs and wishes. From there, our specialists put together and match the equipment, so that you get exactly the sound experience that is optimal for you. We even offer free installation for orders over DKK 30,000.


Your specialists

We have made a virtue out of having the best team on the market. Together, we have more than 100 years of experience, which ensures that you get competent and proper advice for your upcoming purchase.

Thomas Mørk, Product Specialist

The man who was practically born with a gramophone in his arms. At the age of 15, Thomas started in the industry, and since then he has become one of Denmark's leading specialists. Thomas has knowledge of all the leading brands, technologies and what is happening on the market. If you have a question, he has an answer.

Phone: +45 40 51 14 10


Palle Pedersen, Product Specialist

For over 22 years, Palle has dealt with Hi-Fi. He is a specialist in which brands work particularly well together and how to build a good system. His knowledge is exceptionally broad, but he is particularly strong in stereo solutions and his greatest passion - cables and power.

Phone: +45 54 58 16 44


Steen Mortensen, Product Specialist

There are few who have been in the Hi-Fi industry longer than Steen. His entire working life has been spent with Hi-Fi, and this has made him one of the most experienced in his field. He is the store's spokesman, and he is also the one behind the store's good offers and assortment. If you have wishes for new brands in our selection, please contact Steen.

Tel: +45 41 95 55 24


Søren Linemann, Head of E-commerce

The latest addition is Søren, who is responsible for e-commerce. He is not quite as technical in Hi-Fi as the rest of the team, but he is razor sharp in how you get the best online experience. If you experience problems with our shop or have ideas for improvements, please contact him.

Phone: +45 61 80 88 21


Kristian Kristoffersen, Logistics

Kristian is the company's Swiss army knife. He collects all the ends and ensures that your packages arrive safely and quickly. He is also the man who is more than happy to assist you if there are technical difficulties when setting up your product.


Dennis Serritslev, Technician

Dennis is the business's technician, repairman and fitter. He is a self-taught, world-class technician who for 10 years has specialized in fine mechanics, turntables, tone arms, cables etc. He is used to handling complex and large systems where everything must "talk together".