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IsoAcoustics zaZen

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IsoAcoustics zaZen II
IsoAcoustics zaZen II
Sale price  / Pcs $236.00
IsoAcoustics zaZen I
IsoAcoustics zaZen I
Sale price  / Pcs $200.00

IsoAcoustics zaZen - An isolation platform for record players etc.

IsoAcoustics zaZen (seated meditation) is a stable isolation platform designed for turntables, tube amplifiers and other sensitive audio equipment. The combination of the platform mass and the integrated IsoAcoustics isolation technology enables audio equipment to reveal greater acoustic clarity and detail. zaZen is available in 2 sizes: zaZen I with a weight capacity of 11.3 kg. and zaZen II with a weight capacity of 18.1 kg.

zaZen isolation platforms are the latest addition to the award-winning family of isolation products from IsoAcoustics. zaZen provides a stable isolation platform with a low noise floor, designed for turntables and audio components.

Completed design

The name zaZen is from Zen Buddhism and refers to sitting in peaceful meditation. zaZen features an elegant mid-gloss black finish over a dense fiber construction to provide the ideal combination of visual and acoustic design to complete the IsoAcoustics platform. The platform is very dense and contains no voids, making it an ideal material for the isolation platform.

How do the isolators in zaZen work?

The integrated isolators are based on the design of the award-winning GAIA series. The isolators use IsoAcoustics' patented design, which consists of a top isolator, bottom isolator and a connector. The isolation is a result of the way the 3 parts work together, so there is not a single path connecting the live equipment to the supporting surface. It is the shape, durometer and material properties of the insulators that are set for a given weight capacity. The isolators absorb the vibrations so that they do not resonate through or reflect off the supporting surface. The insulators are partially recessed into the platform and fixed in place for a strong connection to the platform.

A high degree of isolation

The decisive element is the integrated isolators, which use IsoAcoustic's patented isolation technology. The combination of the mass of the dense platform with the integrated isolators creates a high degree of isolation, allowing turntables and electronic components to perform at their best, revealing greater acoustic clarity and detail.

Find out what you've been missing

When navigating the small variations in vinyl's groove, the turntable stylus is a delicate instrument. Problems arise at higher volumes, footsteps causing the record to skip, but what is often overlooked are the finer details that are missing or distorted due to vibration.

zaZen provides a stable platform with a quiet floor that allows turntables to reach their full potential without interference from structural vibrations, revealing a new level of detail and clarity.

At Lydspecialisten, we offer a 30-day full right of return, so you can easily try the products at home. Then you can assess whether the product is right for you. Shopping for Hi-Fi should be easy and safe.

What is the difference between DELOS and zaZen?

Both zaZen and DELOS have dense platforms combined with integrated IsoAcoustics isolators. They each provide a low noise floor, so turntables and components reveal greater clarity and detail. The DELOS series is designed for heavier turntables weighing up to 100 lbs. and features a larger butcher block platform with larger integral isolators. zaZen has a lower profile and is designed for lighter turntables and components weighing up to 40 lbs. DELOS is available in maple or walnut, which are both very dense and hard woods. The ZaZen platform is denser in volume but still much lighter than the DELOS models due to its smaller size, which is more ideal for lighter components.

What is the difference between the OREA series and zaZen?

The OREAs are sold individually and feature our patented isolation design which directs the energy from the component and provides isolation from external vibrations. We recommend placing the OREAs directly under the chassis of a turntable or component and not under the existing feet so that the weight is applied over the entire top surface of the OREA and not concentrated on a small part of the OREA. zaZen is an isolation platform that combines our integrated isolators with the stability of the platform's mass to provide an effective isolation solution for turntables, tube amplifiers and sensitive audio components. zaZen is an isolation platform and is easier to set up as the entire component is placed on the zaZen using the existing feet. The ZaZen Isolation Platform is recommended for components where the OREAs cannot be placed directly under the component chassis. zaZen is also the best option for turntables with external motors. This is because when you raise the table, you must also raise the motor to keep the belt in line.