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Power - The foundation of your hi-fi system

We can't stress enough how important it is to be in control of the flow when talking about clean sound. People were initially skeptical that the power made any difference to the sound quality, but this skepticism has subsided for a very simple reason - there is an audible difference when a high-quality power strip or proper power cable is connected.

Intuitively, it also makes sense why power has a significant impact on your system's overall sound quality, because it is the driving force behind it all. No power – no sound. In other words, it works just like petrol or diesel does for your engine, and here there are not many who dispute the importance of the right fuel for the overall performance.

In this article, we will briefly give our simplified explanation of the importance of power for your music system and why it cannot be avoided if you want to get the best out of your system.

Why does power make a difference

It can be difficult to understand why the current we have in our daily life is not good enough for our music system. However, this is because there are many different disturbances on our common energy grid. Our washing machines, refrigerators and televisions are all connected to the same energy grid, and they generate noise and voltage fluctuations that prevent our Hi-Fi equipment from performing optimally. Our Hi-Fi devices can still function and play without directly audible disturbances, but if you start to remove or suppress this mentioned noise on the power grid, you suddenly discover what clean power can do for the sound. With clean power, all your devices "perform" audibly better, because they simply get better working conditions when they are not exposed to all that noise.

At Lydspecialisten, we have learned that clean power is an absolute must if you want the music to sound natural and real. In other words, you won't get full value for the money you've already invested in your system if your appliances don't get clean power.

What happens when you get clean power?

Let's just get one thing straight straight away. This is a clear and audible difference when your devices receive clean power. The music reproduction becomes quieter and you hear more details and nuances than before. At the same time, you get closer to the music as it was originally intended by the artist. This happens because the noise is removed or equalized, depending on which methods are used to process your current.

There are several different technical solutions to make the stream cleaner, and if this is done properly, your experience of the music will undoubtedly change in a positive direction. Who would not like to feel that the artists are present in the listening room when listening to music? The magnificent feeling of a live concert, or the intimate personal atmosphere of an intimate concert? All aspects of music simply become more real and true to life when we think pure power into our music systems.

How do I get clean power?

There are many different technical solutions that all intend to improve our power. In the vast majority of cases, this is a so-called "power rail", which feeds our devices with electricity. We know the ordinary power strips from our everyday life in the form of the white sockets that we buy in the DIY market for cheap. Power rails for Hi-Fi use are of a significantly different nature, and they typically take up somewhat more than those from the construction market, because various technical measures are built into them, which either clean or suppress the noise.

The various manufacturers usually have their own specific methods in the manufacture of these Hi-Fi power rails, but you can typically divide the methods into two segments: active and passive power rails. We will not get into the technical difference here, but the same for all of them is that they are put into the world to create a cleaner current with better sound as a result.

The power strips are typically equipped with 6-8 outlets, each of which has the task of supplying a given product with clean power. At Lydspecialisten, the power strips start at around DKK 3,500 and up to DKK 270,000. The higher you go in quality, the cleaner power you get, and the latter almost pays for itself. The better sound you get.

Chord PowerHAUS

Ansuz Mainz8 A3

IsoTek v5 Aquarius

Get guidance from the audio specialist

At Lydspecialisten, our experts are always ready to share their many years of experience and expertise within the industry. If you need guidance in connection with your purchase of power and cables, we will be happy to answer your questions and guide you about our products and which products will meet exactly your wishes.

When it comes to power and cables, it's all about fine-tuning the sound to suit your preferences. Any power product or cable can change the tonal balance, and it can be a jungle to find out which products are right for you. Our specialists have many years of experience in tailoring systems to our customers' needs, and therefore they know what will have the desired effect for you.

Whether you prefer to shop at home or in the store, we always recommend that you consult our specialists before making an imminent purchase. Stop by the store for a chat or contact us on +45 98 16 14 10 or or , so we can help you find the right solution for you.

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